Getting Started With Analytics In Unity

Understanding how your players are interacting with your game is critical to knowing where to make improvements. Unity provides a helpful set of analytics, which can help you get started monitoring player behaviour.

All you have to do is turn on analytics under Project Settings, and Unity gives you a dashboard

A dashboard isn’t all you need, however. You also have to install the analytics library and add using UnityEngine.Analytics to your scripts.

Don’t forget this or your analytics won’t work

From there you just have to start generating events, which only takes a few lines of code, although you may need to think about a scalable implementation before adding analytics events all over the place.

Add an analytics event with a name of Test Event, a key of key, and an object of 1

You might have to wait a while after adding new events and running your game, but eventually, you should see your events start to pop up on your dashboard linked to from your Analytics Settings.

Eventually you should start seeing your events show up in your dashboard